Operation Switcheroo


Sengar will be wearing maid’s clothing, while carrying only a potion of Glamour and his shard. All other equipment has been Shadowcached.


Checkpoint Tower

Sengar will use Larin’s passphrase at the checkpoint to pass through.


Before reaching the gatehouse, Sengar will use a potion of Glamour to look like a woman. This should allow him to pass through. Shard will be smuggled through.


Sengar has a few objectives:

  • Find a place to retrieve shadowcached items
  • Find the spy
  • Find a way to enter the Catacombs undetected
  • Find out Maze passwords (Arach journals?)
  • Find a way to let the others through the front gate or another way in?


We’ll plan a passphrase (in person) that will be Rafe’s signal to shardwarp in to save the day with his fists…Let Glower know that we have a few of these passphrases we’ll use during the mission and he shouldn’t pay any mind to these nonsense phrases.

Operation Switcheroo

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