Silent War for Thronehouse

Making Moves

A Tale of Useless Passphrases

Sengar gets on the servant’s bus to Castle Arach. He approaches the portcullis and inserts servant Larin’s passphrase into the gate shard. The door opens and he steps through. A guards tells him to halt, which he does, imbibing the glamour potion quickly. The guard, though very shocked insists on Sengar, now with the countenance of a strange woman not unlike Larin, coming with him to a small cell upstairs.

Meanwhile, Mystniss, Seranious Armada, and Thumboldt, the former cryptoadmin, approach the checkpoint at the maximum distance. Seranious sends Thumboldt on a suicide mission to the tower, telling him to use Larin’s passphrase at the gate. The remaining two venture into the dark forest to track a good place for Mystniss to Terraform a tunnel. They end up by the Eastern wall of Castle Arach, an unscalable sheer cliff of stone. Above the stone they spot a series of balconies which could possibly be accessed if a rope were dropped down.

Just as Mystniss is about to settle into her Terraforming, the two are attacked by a Giant Spider. Mystniss is burned by acid spit and bitten through her ankle, but Seranious manages to Kill Bolt the spider to death.

Back in Prantis, Rafe Rundlestaff questions the dwarven proprietor of HQ, Gumble Krag about Castle Arach. He finds out that the Castle has a structure including a Great Hall, a Dining Hall, and a Guest House, arranged behind a series of dwarven-locked doors.



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