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You’re all doomed

This adventure is the story of multiple factions vying for power in a large city-state called Prantis. Every ten years, five human factions in the city-state come together to elect a patrark, the executive of the city-state who inhabits Thronehouse, an opulent palace and the seat of power. An election is only a few months away, and an abrupt shift in alliances has all but guaranteed the reelection of the current patrark, whose policies have become progressively more reckless and bizarre over time.

See: a map of Prantis

At the beginning of the ad-venture, the party of player characters receive patronage and protection from Aden Glower, head of House Glower, and the frontrunner of the election until a sudden and unexplainable reversal by a key ally changed everything. In return for all he has done for the player characters, and what he will continue to do, he compels them to discover why this series of events occurred, and do everything in their power to reverse them.

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